About Me

       One of my joys in life is gathering people around my table to enjoy a good meal together. I love connecting with people and I love cooking so creating a blog seems like a good idea. I hope these recipes inspire you to get in the kitchen and create something delicious to share with your family and friends!
       I love inviting people over to share a meal. There is just something about sitting around a table that encourages openess and connection. I want this blog to inspire you to gather family and friends around your table and to enjoy creating a place of relaxing, relating and enjoyment!

          I tend to invite larger crowds, and I have a big family to begin with, so the recipes I share here will usually feed 6-10.  I know many people tend to have a smaller gathering but the recipes should be easy to cut in half. If you have any questions about that, please contact me!

           Remember, it is not about how many people you invite, or how nicely decorated your house is or how fancy the food looks...it is about sharing life with people!  One thing I strive to do when I invite guests is to find out their food preferences and to make something that will fit their needs. I think making meals which are a good match for your guests makes them feel welcomed and shows you care about them.So, you will find a variety of recipes as well as alternative ways to fix them. Let me know if you are looking for a particular recipe or ingredient.

I have been cooking for quite a while and had several cooking related jobs. Even so, I’m still learning—there is always something new to master! While I have had some experience cooking, I’m new at blogging and would appreciate any advice! I know my food photos are not very good but I am hoping to get better!

Visit my face book page at Dinner with Denise or email me at DeniseBirdsall@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you!! Most of the recipes I post are originals and have copyrigths; so I ask that you please contact me before reposting. Thanks!

I I LOVE comments so please post them. I really want to know what people think and if they have any questions, suggestions or other ideas!