Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lime -Cilantro Rice with chilies and cumin

I love rice! It works with so many additions, spices and flavors. A few weeks ago, I put together a taco bar for a wedding and they wanted a rice dish that was not the typical red Spanish rice. I thought lime, cilantro, chili peppers and cumin would make a nice accompaniment to the chicken and smoked pork. This rice was a definite hit! I will make it again for our gatherings. I would add some extra heat with a diced jalapeno or two for my table; we like it hot.

This recipe should be pretty easy to halve or double, depending on how many servings you need. Left-overs are a good thing here so make a little extra! It is also encouraged that you adjust spices, lime juice and chilies to suit your taste.

Lime-Cilantro Rice with Chilies and Cumin

                                                                       Serves 8- 10

3 TBSP oil, olive, canola or blend
1 small onion minced
2 tsp. crushed or minced garlic
5 tablespoon canned chilies (you could add a fresh minced jalapeno here too)
1½ tsp. lemon pepper with garlic and onion
2½-3 tsp. cumin
2 tsp. oregano
1 tsp. salt
2 cups basmati rice
2   cups broth
1cup water
Zest of ½-1 lime
2 TBSP lime juice ( fresh is best or bottled but not from concentrate)


Juice of ½-1 small lime
2/3 cup chopped cilantro
Splash of olive oil, optional

Heat oil and sauté onion, 3 minutes;  add chilies, spices, 3 more minutes. Add rice to pan. Cook stirring till starting to get toasty smell- 2 min. Add in liquids and lime zest and heat to low boil and then lower to simmer and keep covered for about 22 minutes. Fluff and finish with fresh lime juice and chopped cilantro. If desired, add more or some parsley for more green.

Recipe by Denise Birdsall all rights reserved  Aug 2011


  1. Pretty much a perfect side for a taco. Actually, that might steal the show a little bit :) Sounds wonderful!

  2. This sounds so good! I love cilantro and lime, especially with rice. Hope you are doing well Denise!

  3. Thank you! I sure appreciate you commenting! I am glad both like the recipe. It was fun figuring it out :-)
    I am doing very well, Cassie. Hope life is good for you too!

  4. What beautiful flavors all together (especially cumin, it is my favorite spice). Gosh, I could really go for a plate of this right now.

  5. Yum! This recipe looks scrumptious. I love rice and cilantro and lime together are a pair made in heaven. I'll have to give this a try next time I do recipe.

  6. Great rice recipe. I could eat rice every single day. It's just so yummy.

  7. This is a wonderful preparation for rice and a perfect side dish to break the monotony of the classic Spanish style rice. Great idea, buzz!

  8. Thank you so much for commenting. Glad you like the recipe. You are so encouraging. I love putting together some of my favorite flavors and finding a good combination! Let me know what you think once you try it out.

  9. Hey, Denise! I fell in love with a similar rice dish at Cheesecake Factory a couple of years ago, and I now put my cilantro in a blender with enough water to blend. Strain out the cilantro and pop it into your rice!

    This was a bad time to read your blog (12:30 am) Now I need a midnight snack! :)

  10. Thanks for posting, Kurt. What a great idea for the cilantro! I am going to try that. we have had cilantro in our CSA shares every week and I am trying to use it up.
    I know what you mean about needing a midnight nosh after looking at recipes :-)