Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Recipe tomorrow...Rocky Mountain Fall colors today

I have a very good reason for taking a bit more time between posts than I ought to take. It is Fall. That's pretty much it. It is just so beautiful outside! This weekend, besides a concert and a party, I knew I had to get in a drive up the mountain. I live about 50 minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park and my favorite time to visit is Fall. Summer is rather crowded. Spring can still be icy and cold.Winter is the favorite of many people around here for snow shoeing or cross country skiing, but it is cold!! Fall is perfect!

The leaves are starting to change down here at the foot of the mountain but they are further along up top. The elk are not in as much abundance as usual, I think it is just too warm yet. We are still going to be in the 80's this week. Crazy weather for Colorado.

 I will post a recipe tomorrow but I wanted to show you what kept me away.

So what is fall like where you are?


  1. STUNNING pictures...totally worth being away and I'm happy to wait for a recipe...thanks for sharing your photos!

  2. Thanks Ann. Sunday afternoons are made for drives like these. I love fall!

  3. Fall in Alberta is very similar to Colorado! Although, I haven't had the opportunity to see any Elk lately. Beautiful photos though!

  4. Yeah, Jeff, I think the gold aspens dominate the whole Rocky mountain region with a couple weeks of beautiful color.
    I don't get to see elk too often either,since we are along the foothills, but they are always hanging out up the mountain from us. It is about 45 minutes to drive away.