Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Picnics, parties, anniversaries and graduations

I just wanted to squeeze in a short post to say life has been a bit crazy with my daughter's  art show, mother's day, anniversary, and much graduation fun this week. I will post some from food from our festivities. But for now, let me share a couple pictures from our picnic ( food not shown :-) I will tell you that I made some delicious sandwiches. I had some fresh mozzarella so I made tomato and cheese on crusty rolls--mmmm!

Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato Sandwiches

I sliced fresh mozzarella and ripe tomato and stacked them with baby spinach leaves on the roll. Drizzled with a robust olive oil, slivered basil, a few drops of balsamic vinegar and generously sprinkled with salt and pepper.

I wrapped them tight for the short trip up the mountain and spent a lovely afternoon walking and picnicking in Rocky Mountain National Park. It is really wonderful to have a national park about 50 minutes away!  There was still some snow on the ground here and there but the day was quite warm, in the 70's, and it was bright and sunny. The smell of pine trees and fresh air permeated everything and made us quite hungry for our mother's day picnic. Wonderful! I think food tastes better out here.

Spraugue Lake at Rocky Mountain National Park

Art show


  1. Wow! Your daughter's art is stunning! Looks like you had a lovely little trip with some very tasty sammiches :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Denise! I just imagined the beautiful sandwich by following how to make....Looks lovely. Your daugther is so beautiful and also talented! You are so lucky you don't have to buy paintings to fill up your house. I'm pretty sure it's like her art gallery. :-) Thanks for sharing the beautiful scenery too! I enjoyed looking at the nature...